Social Tetrahedra

First Three Dimensions

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Social Tetrahedra

This is an open source demonstration project of Public Invention based on downloadable ideas by Mark Frazier.


To specify the relative attributes of a project, person, place, or tool, first use the slider on the left to specify the 4th dimension. Then drag a project, person, place or tool onto the triangle. These three coordinates are considered "balanced", that is, the position on the triangle specifies them with a particular algorithm. The closer to one corner of the triangle you are, the more strongly you reflect that attribute. The center of the trinagle reflects all attributes equally--that is, "perfect balance." The weights of these attributes will be recorded with your assertion, and displayed (temporarily) below the triangle.

The Fourth Dimension

In Mark's conception, the fourth dimension is "abundance" or "condition", which may be thought of as power or development. It is represented as a slider on the left. The checkbox labeled "Balance fourth with Norm" controls whether this dimension is thought of as separate, or whether we require a length 1 vector of all for dimensions.

Usage of the 3D View

This is an interactive 3D simulation. To change the view, place your mouse in the view area, and hold and "drag" the mouse to rotate the image. The mouse wheel or a drag on your trackpad should zoom you in or out.

All of the code on this site is released under the Affero GNU General Public License, and I hope you will reuse it.


The ultimate purpose is to match needs with offers, for example to work on technical projects, base on an interpretation of Maslow's Pyramid, having four dimenstions. People express their desires by placing themselves on a tetrahedron that captures, for example, the Mind/Body/Spirt and Abundance situation, and might then be matched with projects that are suited to them. Exactly how this will be done is still being worked out; this is a step.


You are free to reuse this software under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License.