Welcome to AgileSim.

Welcome, Agile Executive! This game is meant to help you think about Agile methodology. We assume that it is your job to manage more than one software development team, and a number of experts. In this game, your resources are randomly decided at the start of the game, and the three projects in our portfolio that you have to work on are decided for you as well.

However, you have the power to assign resources to projects. Your resources are all either teams, or experts. Teams write software. Experts don't write software, but they can strongly effect a team or a project.

Your goal is to provide as much Business Value as you can in six sprints. These are measured in Business Value Points. Each project may have one or more goal, which provides Business Value points. To reach a goal, you have to write a certain amount of software, which is measured in Story Points. Teams produce a random number of Story points each sprint, but some some teams tend to produce more or less than others. A basic team produces either zero, ten, or twenty story points randomly. Some better teams get two such random story point events, but each event is still random.

To do well in the game, you have to assign your teams and experts well to each project, possibly changing them each sprint. You will likely not get all of the possible goals of each project done in six sprints due to random events beyond your control, so choose which projects you assign resources to carefully. Your score is based solely on the Business Value Points that you provide, not completing all projects.

In actuality, you can't move a team onto a project in a single two week sprint without a loss of efficiency. However, Agile methods are designed to minimize the cost of such resource allocation, and if we tried to make the game too realistic, it wouldn't be very fun.